8 09 2009

I went to visit a friend of mine from high school today. Louie was two years younger than me, but we knew each other from Marching Band. He was always small guy for his age and so we kind of adopted him as a “little brother” of sorts. The fact that he had a hot older sister that we all liked to flirt with, didn’t hurt.

Until two years ago, I hadn’t seen him in over twenty years. When another friend (and band-mate) of ours passed away suddenly in 2007, it served as an impromptu reunion of sorts. That day I reconnected with Louie and a few other long lost friends. We exchanged pleasantries and business cards. I had no practical use for the (re)connection at the time. But my MLM days in the 90s taught me that “you never know.”

So I’ve been playing telephone tag with Louie now for over a month. He runs an extremely successful commercial development business these days. When he was in town? I was in Louisiana. When I was back in town? He was in D.C. Then he’d be back in town, and I’d be in Las Vegas. And so on and so forth.

We met in the conference room of his corporate offices. I had made arrangements with my upline Team Coordinator (who is in the President’s Club and has been in the top 10 in TC production for several months this year) to be available for the “demo call” for my friend.

Of course (as fate would have it), he was not available to take the call.

It’s moments EXACTLY like these that separate the “determined” from the “hopeful.”

I am a firm believer that we need to treat people respectfully. In this instance, that meant that I owed it to my “friendship” with Louie to spend time getting caught up. I learned a long time ago that everyone’s favorite “subject” to talk about…is themselves. So I asked Louis about his success and how he built his business. He was all too glad to oblige.

I sat and listened to Louie and he gave me the “Reader’s Digest” version of his success. As I sat and listened, it struck me. It’s all about networking!!! Louie attributed so much of his prosperity to “who he knew” and the relationships he had built over the years.

After listening to Louie’s story and giving him his “props” for his success (thus far), it was my turn. I could have just dove in to the ACN 1 – 10 presentation, but I decided to take a different tact. I began telling him MY story. Our meeting was more like two old friends “catching up.”

Along the way in the telling of my story, I mixed in bits of the ACN story. I wove in how I met my upline Team Coordinator (I didn’t refer to him as my “upline” nor as a “Team Coordinator” since neither of these terms mean anything to people who are not in the MLM biz). And I EDIFIED THE CRAP out of my Team Coordinator.

Louie now realizes that he NEEDS to meet my Team Coordinator.

IRIS_3000_homescreenI pulled out the ACN Video Phone and turned it on for Louie. I called a few people, but no one was home. So I turned the privacy button on so Louie could see the quality of the the camera. Louie was floored. He LOVED it. Instantly I could see his mind racing. He began rattling off all the people and places he could get to “buy in” on this amazing new technology.

His assistant came in and informed him that his 11:15 appointment was on his way (we started at 10:30). I took that as my cue to “exit stage right.” I told him that I would set up a time (after we get back from Detroit) for him and my Team Coordinator to have lunch so they could meet. Louie was grateful for the opportunity to network with my friend and thankful for my coming by to show him the Video Phone. I left in a “Success From Home” magazine and was on my way.

It’s all about the networking folks. Whether you are a professional Network Marketer, or a Commercial Developer. It’s all about the networking…