14 09 2009

The Detroit ACN International Training is now behind us. As I mentioned in a previous post, ACN hosts these events every quarter in different regions of the country. If you have never been to one? You really have no clue.

“You really aren’t IN ACN until you’ve been to an International event.” This statement is heard often in the weeks leading up to each International. It may seem like a bromide, but it’s true. I’m always amazed at the profound affect that these weekends have on new reps.

Detroit’s proximity to Canada led to a lot of Canadians being in attendance this weekend. It was great to hear their roar everytime a Canadian RVP or SVP take the stage.

Getting your team to the International Trainings is the key to driving your ACN business. The rule of thumb is that once you have double digits (10+) in attendance (with at least two reps in each of three separate legs), that you are on your way to Team Coordinator. I had six reps in two different legs at this event.

Our team is based in Southern California. Last December my sponsor parlayed 20 reps (with 3 separate legs represented) at the Anaheim International into a TC promotion for both he and his wife. They now have over 1200 reps in their organization in less than 10 months.

A few weeks I wondered how long it would be before I would be able to take advantage of an ACN International coming back to So Cal. This weekend we learned that the next International event will be in Anaheim December 4th.

That is 81 days from today. While today is another travel day, I used the time at the airport to contact my team who did not make it to Detroit to set up appointments to map out a game plan for the next 80 days.

I have been around long enough to know that the next 11 plus weeks will FLY BY before I know it. So the focus has to be on making the most of each of the next 80 days. I need to make sure that everyone understands how we are going to build from “event to event” in the next 80 days.

First up? Saturday training in Glendora this week. This is where we’ll unveil the plan for the next 30 days.

Next up? The ACN Regional coming up a week later, September 26th in Anaheim. My goal is to have 20 people there for that event. Senior Vice Presidents Mike Bisutti and Jeff Weber will host that event.

yellow brick roadThree weeks later? Regional Vice President (and MLM training guru) Larry Raskin is coming to Southern California to do a Sunday Leadership training from 1-6 pm.

Could the roadmap be layed out anymore perfectly or clearly? Follow the yellow brick road people…follow the yellow brick road.

Today is just about over. I am writing this on my flight from Detroit to Houston. I’ll have time to make a phone call or two during my layover there, but it’ll be past 11 pm by the time I get home tonight.

One day down (see how quickly they go?), EIGHTY days left.




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15 09 2009
Mark Chard

I had the blessed opportunity to make it to the Charlotte NC event, and I had a blast. You are right that these events are crucial for new reps. Before I went to this event I was reluctant to even hear the spiel that my cousin was trying to pitch to me, I didn’t want to hear it! I just thought it was another pyramid scam something like how everybody and their momma was jumping into Amway about ten, twelve years back.
After attending that event I was in no doubt but I have been having trouble coming up with the money until now, and now imp ready to hit this thing full steam ahead.
I still fear that I wont be able or will have a hard time getting costumers and people under me, is there any advise at all that you could offer a fellow ACNer?

15 09 2009

There is a system in place. People may fail, but systems don’t. Think about McDonalds. They sell more hamburgers than anyone in the world. Is it because they are the “tastiest” burgers you’ve ever had? No? Maybe it’s because they hire “world class” employees? No. it’s probably not that either. It’s because of their “system.”

-Plug into Saturday training,
-Learn how to edify.
-Promote your “expert” and not the opportunity.
-Become a professional inviter.
-Customers will come from those who choose not to get involved.
-Talk to a lot of people and you’ll make a lot of money. Talk to a little bit of people and you’ll make a little bit of money. Talk to nobody and you’ll make no money.

Best to you. Keep in touch!

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