19 04 2010

A long time ago, I heard:

“Money doesn’t change you, it just magnifies who you already are in the first place.”

I had an epiphany yesterday. I’ve done alright in life, but it’s been awhile since I was “ahead of the game.” I’ve had my share of “daily bread,” but it’s been awhile since I have felt the blessing of God shower upon me.

And that’s when it hit me. Money amplifies who you are in the first place. Truthfully? If I had to look at the man that I have been over the past few years, I wouldn’t want that man magnified.

Change is hard. But the banner above says it all: “If you want life to change, YOU have to change.” For the first time in a long time though, I’m not at a crossroads where I need to start all over again. I’ve changed. I’ve adopted disciplines and routines that are positive and advantageous. I realize that though, that there are new disciplines to incorporate into my life.

I’ve been a very selfish, self-absorbed man. God has given me a gift thru ACN. I get paid to be professional relationship builder. That’s what a networker really is after all…a relationship builder. It’s perfectly suited for my temperament. People are attracted to “what’s in it for me.” I know this, but I’ve neglected it. I need to invest myself IN people. I need to take more time to find out ABOUT people and what I can do FOR them.

In this business of networking, we need to find out:

  • what troubles people?
  • what keeps them up at night?
  • what their life is like right now?
  • what are their living circumstances like?
  • what’s missing from life?
  • if they could change any part of their life in the next six months, what would that be?

And then we need to give a damn enough to find opportunities to fill those needs.

Sometimes ACN is the answer. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes people need a friend to talk to. We can be that person to listen to them. More people are lonely than care to admit it.

Sometimes people need supernatural intervention. We can be that person who offers to pray with and for them. When was the last time you asked someone if you could pray for them? When was the last time that someone offered to pray for you?

The world needs more relationship builders. We need more people who will listen and invest themselves in the lives of others. We need more people who are willing to make themselves vulnerable to ask how we can best pray for others.

That’s the type of man that deserves to be magnified.



12 04 2010

We relaunched the Saturday Training in Glendora, CA this past Saturday. Rich Secchiaroli provided us with an updated and condensed Powerpoint deck of slides. After some aesthetic revisions, we realized that we can now get thru the Business Overview and Training material in two hours. As a result we are reverting to a 10 a.m. to noon Saturday schedule. Less can indeed be more.

If you would like to view/download the slides that we are using in Glendora,you can do so by clicking here. You may have to create a Dropbox user account(it’s free), if you don’t already have one. But you’ll then be able to keep up to date on any revisions we make to the presentations and documents(launch/24 hour gameplan).


8 04 2010

My daughter left for Louisiana two days ago. I miss her like crazy already. It’s been so nice to have her home the past three months. She had been away at college for three and a half years.

It was nice having her here every morning to talk to. It was inspiring to want to set an example for her in terms of work ethic. I felt warm just being reconnected with my first born.

The last two days, I have been in a daze. I have been experiencing the doldrums for two days. Tonight, I forced myself to go to the Glendora BOM. I did the 4-10 part of the presentation. In the audience were two of the stupidest rotten apples you’ll ever run across.

They wanted to know how much they I was going to pay them to go to training. They asked if I would front them the $499, since it’s such a great opportunity. The whole thing was amazingly amusing. I haven’t dealt with such stupidity in quite awhile.

I told them that there are three parts to the ACN equation. We know the Compensation Plan works. We know the products and services work. The only REAL variable in the equation is them, we have no idea if THEY work.

When you’ve been in MLM as long as I have, no one is going to surprise you with any stroke of brilliance. I’ve seen and heard it all. I entertained Beavis and Butthead’s questions for a few minutes because I wasn’t quite sure if they really were just “slow” or if they were attempting to be funny.

After a few minutes, it was obvious that they were just too “smart” for me. I told them that they were obviously intent on being employees and that this wasn’t for them, nor were they who we are looking for. And with that? I dismissed them.

The whole thing made me laugh. It shook me out of the daze of funk I had been in the last two days. So I’m thankful they showed up.

Goodnight Beavis.

Goodnight Butthead.


5 04 2010

I’m a changed man.

Over the years, I’ve indulged in my share of vices. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve let go of them all one by one. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink to excess. I don’t chase women.

There’s just one left…


I jones for it in a terrible way. And I have no desire to ever give it up. My ideal vacation is spending the month of March in Arizona and/or Florida watching Spring Training.

I play in an 18-team 5×5 Roto League (that I’m going to win this year by the way). Our Draft was this past Friday and I’ll admit that I’ve been consumed the past week or so. Today was Opening Day and I was glued to the TV watching my Dodgers drop the season opener to the Bucs.

For years I’ve subscribed to the MLB Extra Innings package and I would sit and just jump from game to game, night after night. But not this year. This year I’m on the road to RVP. So I gave up my Extra Innings package. I also gave up the MLB Network. I did so by giving up DirecTV…I switched to DISH Network.

Ugh, I’ve dreaded doing this for a year. I HATE DISH Network. I’ve been a DirecTV customer for 8 years. But I need the customer points, so I switched.  There are seven games scheduled tomorrow. Only one of them (Angels-Twins) will be on TV locally. BLECH.

I suppose the bright side is that there’s nothing to do but make phone calls and work. I’ve promised myself that when I go RVP, I’ll reward myself and go back to DirecTV so I can once again bathe in a pool of my favorite vice in 2011.

Time to go to bed now though


1 04 2010

I hate April Fool’s Day. Most of the pranks are so lame and unoriginal, that it’s exhausting dealing with the day. So needless to say, I don’t participate (willingly) in the “zaniness” of the day.

But I ended up doing something foolish this afternoon. I had a one on one scheduled this afternoon with a friend of mine (from high school) who is a teacher. She’s also a soccer mom. So we met at a park where her daughter was practicing.

So I had my list of things that I had to make sure that I took care of prior to leaving for my appointment. It was like a checklist of sorts. I found myself running through it in my mind as I drove to Ayala Park in Chino.

  • I charged the battery in my portable case, so that I could demo the video phone.
  • I made sure that I had a magazine and DVD to give her afterward.
  • I made sure that I left in plenty of time so that I would meet her on time
  • I remembered to take a 1-10 sheet with me…DOH TWENTY MINUTES AFTER I LEFT THE HOUSE!!!

So I ended up telling the story from memory. I was authentic and she was skeptical. But I continued to be real and upfront, and she came around. We agreed to get together again next week to go over things in greater detail. It’s been eleven years since I had seen her, and it had been eighteen years before that. Credibility and trust take time.

Thank God April Fool’s Day is over