25 09 2009

Network marketing begins with networking. Look it up in a dictionary and you will see that the definition of networking is: “a group or system of interconnected people or things.”

One of the interesting dilemmas that is bound to occur as you begin to build your network marketing business is the “interconnection” of relationships between people already IN your organization and those that you will go on to recruit later.

One of the ETTs in my group, I have known since we were kids. We worked together at one company a few years ago, and as a result? We know a lot of the same people from that company. So what should you do once you recruit that friend? Should all of those people from the company that you both worked at automatically (by default) go in his organization?

It’s easy to definitively say “yes” or “no” to this question.

You could make the argument that it’s better to keep them all in the same organization. That makes for less conflict and keeps everyone happy. Right? It also promotes teamwork as everyone knows each other. Cool, that settles it right?

But what if the person in your downline has been in the business a few months and has yet to tap into that “network” of contacts? What if you have a different leg that needs help and it’s time to go back into “Phase I” recruiting?

Then it’s easy to justify “no” right?

We need to create a sense of urgency when it comes to recruiting. If you don’t talk to the people you know? Someone else will. That someone may be a complete stranger, or someone who is cross-line to you. It could be someone in your downline (which isn’t a problem at all) but what if it’s your upline? ARGHHH then the new recruit BECOMES your cross-line. That can lead to hard feelings.

And this leads me to today’s dilemma. I had a one-on-one with a woman who worked with my ETT and I at a previous company. In fact she was his assistant at one point. But he’s been in the business for a few months now and hasn’t touched base with her yet. And she’s an incredibly sharp woman. Not amazingly? She got really excited after the presentation and will probably come on board.

So what to do? I really need the help in a leg that is lagging. But I also can’t afford to alienate this ETT who is doing a great job and is a leader. I had this issue come up in my previous go-round with ACN. It led to hard feelings. The one thing that I learned from all that? I need to treat people (especially “leaders”) in my organization with respect. I owe it to my ETT (who is first and foremost…my FRIEND) to, at a bare minimum, talk to him before I do app up this new recruit.

She’s coming to the Regional in Orange County this Saturday. We’ll see how things develop after that.