12 04 2010

We relaunched the Saturday Training in Glendora, CA this past Saturday. Rich Secchiaroli provided us with an updated and condensed Powerpoint deck of slides. After some aesthetic revisions, we realized that we can now get thru the Business Overview and Training material in two hours. As a result we are reverting to a 10 a.m. to noon Saturday schedule. Less can indeed be more.

If you would like to view/download the slides that we are using in Glendora,you can do so by clicking here. You may have to create a Dropbox user account(it’s free), if you don’t already have one. But you’ll then be able to keep up to date on any revisions we make to the presentations and documents(launch/24 hour gameplan).


8 01 2010

The January “Empire Team” Leadership Conference began today in Las Vegas. A few weeks ago, our Remedy Team made a conscious decision to forego this event. We did so because there are only six more weeks until the San Jose International Training event.

The gap between what we know and what we do not know often is not as significant as the gap between what we know and what we do. That’s why we decided to stay and do the Saturday Training tomorrow in Glendora instead of making the trek to Las Vegas.

I’m a big believer in “events.” I know that getting groups to events is paramount to gaining momentum. But I also know when Phase I takes precedence. Coming off the holidays, we need to generate new momentum. That means that we need to have a local training to steer people into this weekend.

There will no doubt be plenty of great information at the Leadership Conference. Fortunately, Mike Bisutti generously posts videos of that training online at website. So we’ll still have access to the info. For now though? We need to redeem the days. San Jose is just six weeks away.


19 09 2009

We recently began a new Saturday Training in Glendora, CA in the conference room of an executive suite that one of our ETTs leases for his other business. I say this because I don’t believe that we will fit in there much longer. We have a Regional event (featuring Nathan Goldberg YES!) next week, so we’ll shut down for that. Then I think we’ll be able to hold Saturday Training in our current location for maybe two more Saturdays.

76 days left calendarI created a calendar for our group which I believe makes it incredibly clear just how important and fleeting the next 76 days are. I passed it out today and invited everyone to check off the days every night, so they would constantly be reminded of the urgency of going to work.

I also recreated the ACN slides that Tony Cupisz put together. All the information is still the same. It’s just laid out in a much more aesthetically pleasing and impactful way. I’ve been a corporate trainer for years and the overwhelming majority of PowerPoint presentations that I see are absolutely TERRIBLE. Your presentation should enhance your message, not BE the message. If all you do is stand there and READ the slides? No offense, but what the hell are YOU there for.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Seems like there are at least a thousand words on far too many of the slides in the ACN Saturday Training deck. So we’re implementing the new slides at our training. Are they more effective? Time will tell.

75 days left til Anaheim.


18 09 2009

Yesterday I was in South Pasadena doing a one-on-one presentation for a friend of mine who I’ve known since elementary school. Miguel is a fireman who has been with his Department for twenty years. He’ll be eligible for retirement in four years. In order to retire with health insurance, he’ll need to work for another six years beyond that.

When I ran into him at a reunion picnic a few weeks ago, he told me that there was no way that he was going to “make it” another 10 years. So I called him and asked him if he was open to taking a look at a way to make money outside of fighting fires. He accepted my invitation and we met for lunch yesterday.

One thing that really bothers me about some people in this industry is the “disposable” way that prospects can be treated. Prospects are really just people. If you’re working the business the right way, these people are (or were at one time) your friends. So I felt a need to catch up with Miguel and find out what is going on in his life. We talked about faith and marriage. Our conversation took a turn that I would never have anticipated.

Miguel has a bit of an abrasive personality. I would imagine that it has served him well in fire houses for the past two decades. But underneath the veneer, was a sensitive and giving man. I was pleasantly surprised. Men typically keep conversations light and superficial. My lunch with Miguel was anything but.

After spending about 90 minutes “catching up,” we then went to Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee and go over ACN and how he might fit in. When all was said and done, Miguel gave me plenty of reasons ACN probably wasn’t for him (he considers himself “lazy,” he’s not money-motivated etc…), but then he said that he wanted to at least check out the training Saturday. I was shocked, but happy.

Then I was off to Chino Hills to meet a co-worker of my wife who she has been talking about since we got involved in ACN a few months ago. This woman and I share a common professional background (Training) and we built rapport quickly. By the time we were done with the presentation, “Priscilla” was so excited and could not wait to get home to talk to her husband. She just “knew” that he was going to LOVE ACN. I’ve been around long enough to know not to send her home empty-handed so she went on her way equipped with a DVD and “Success from Home” magazine.

We had two new people coming to Saturday training. The “emotional rollercoaster” was definitely on the upswing.

This morning I got the following text message from my wife: “I’m going to cry.”

“Crap” I thought, Priscillas husband must have turned out to be a rotten apple. I texted her back to find out what was wrong. I received the following message back, “Her hubby joined 2 weeks ago with his dad.” “CRAP” I thought (again) to myself (this time with more feeling).

We all hear about the sense of urgency in talking to people we know. If we don’t talk to them, someone else will. It finally happened to us. The thing that REALLY upset my wife was that she had piqued interest with Priscilla a month ago, but hadn’t followed up until a few days ago. I was amazed at how her husband could have joined ACN 2 weeks ago and not have said anything to her in all that time. Different strokes I suppose.

I texted my wife back and reassured her that it was a “lesson learned” and would only serve to give us a good “story” for training. After a few texts, she resigned herself to the news. At least we had one new person going to Saturday training still.

An hour later? I got a phone call back from another friend of mine named Carlos, who I had “piqued” earlier in the week. I invited him to come to our Saturday training and he accepted. We had TWO new people coming to training again…YES!!!

An hour and a half after that? Miguel called to tell me that he had decided to “pass” on ACN. I respected the call (and actually appreciated him calling instead of just standing me up). The emotional rollercoaster was definitely on a downward slope now. But at least we still had Carlos coming.

And then there were none...

And then there were none...

Just 10 minutes ago (as I was typing this blog post), I received a text from Carlos telling me that something had “come up” with the death of an uncle in another country and he wouldn’t be able to make it tomorrow.

UGH, three strikes and you’re out. This business is about “sorting” not “selling. Miguel sorted himself out. Carlos has sorted himself out (for now) and Priscilla sorted herself in (but thru her husband).

The “highs” of yesterday have been replaced by the “lows” of today. The lesson in all of this? We just need to talk to MORE people next week. It’s just that simple. The answer is ALWAYS to talk to more people.

My daughter is leaving for college tomorrow. I’m taking the rest of tonight off.

Seventy-six more days left until Anaheim.