9 09 2009

Tomorrow is my middle daughter’s 18th birthday. Birthdays are big things with me. Unfortunately the ACN International Training begins the next day in Detroit. That means that tomorrow is a travel day and I won’t be in town for my daughter’s birthday.

So I took a “Daddy Day Off.” it doesn’t matter that she’s turning 18 and will now be a full-fledged adult. I’ll always be daddy to my three girls.

We went to lunch and then went to see “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (side note: when she was a little girl, my daughter used to always ask if we could go to the Fee-u-ters). I’m secure enough in my own manhood to admit to enjoying the occasional “chick flick.”

For dinner it was chicken wings (the girl is a chip off the old block I tell ya) and banana cream pudding with Nilla Wafers (we never have been a traditional “cake” kind of family).

Next week she leaves for college. Today was important. We always need to remember our priorities. She and her four siblings are the reason I’m in ACN. But today my time was all hers.

I love you Hannah.