10 09 2009

The benefits of being in a business like ACN extend far beyond the financial. Once you are able to go “full-time” you are able to take control back of your life.

You can choose who you work with.

You don’t have to work with anyone that you DON’T want to work with.

You get to wake up when your body tells you “it’s done sleeping.”

You determine when you eat lunch, how long you want to take to eat and where you want to go.

You get to do all the things that the average person has to squeeze into a two day weekend (theme parks, movies, picnics, etc…); anytime you want.

But whether you are full-time or part-time, one perq comes with being in ACN that the average person does not get to enjoy. TRAVEL.

Four times a year, ACN holds an International Training event where people come from all over North America (and beyond) to learn from the Founders and top money earners of the company. They tend to have two in the West and two on the East Coast. The last one was in Charlotte. Before that? San Diego and Anaheim. This week? Detroit.

I know, I know. You may be saying to yourself “DETROIT?” That’s supposed to be an example of a great traveling opportunity? Ha ha, ok I will grant you that Detroit may not be most people’s idea of the “garden of Eden.” But as someone who has spent far too many years confined to a cubicle? Traveling to Detroit beats fighting 3 hours+ of traffic to get to and from work in LA traffic.

So today is a travel day. Flight left Ontario at 6:50 a.m. (PDT) this morning and I am on my Continental flight as I write this post (sidenote? Props to Continental Airlines for being the one airline that still provides some sort of meal for all their passengers). We land in Detroit at 5:07 p.m. (EDT), so it’s a long time.

At the airport we ran into Lance Schmidt (also in ACN). He and his brother were flying Delta (and getting in an hour ealier…dammit ha ha). But it was fun running into a familiar face (even in the groggy state that I was in at the time).

When we catch our connecting flight in Houston, I’m sure we will be on board with plenty of other ACNers. And that’s fun too. Kinda like traveling on a team charter. The Azusa Pacific University soccer team is on our plane right now and you could see the excitement on their faces as they were boarding.

We have other team members taking the “red eye” from LAX to Detroit tonight and others will be flying in from New Orleans early tomorrow morning (one of the benefits of living in “middle America” I suppose).

The business of recruiting and customer acquisition takes a breather right now. Everyone (including my wife) is passed out on the plane around me. It’s just me, my iPhone, my WordPress app and Ben Kweller (playing on my iPhone) right now. It’s travel day.